The Belledune Port Authority takes pride in its outstanding track record in security


Port security is managed by the internal operations team.


All marine terminal facilities at the Port of Belledune and the Belledune Port Authority itself are in compliance with International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) and the Canadian “Marine Transportation Security Act and Regulations” (MTSR’s); each individually having Marine Facility Security Plans that have previously been reviewed and approved by Transport Canada Marine Safety & Security. The plans are kept up to date and amended from time to time as required by Transport Canada with the individual Marine Facility Security Officers (MFSO’s) being responsible for their upkeep and which must otherwise manage and control the security plans for/on behalf of each individual marine terminal facility operator (or Port).


The Belledune Port Authority also works closely by relationship and in concert with the following various federal regulatory agencies which are generally either directly or indirectly involved with port marine facility security-related issues. Please refer to the respective websites for more information:

For further information, contact us at or 506.522.1200