Terminal 4

(Rayburn Doucett Terminal)

A modern, year-round terminal

Terminal 4 is a modern, year-round terminal that has a Roll-On Roll-Off berth equipped to handle oversized project cargo and ferry traffic among other things. Additionally, the barge berth adds versatility to Port of Belledune’s infrastructure facilitating short sea shipping and trans-shipping operations.


Roll-on Roll-off

184 m / 603.7 ft

Depth (at chart datum)

8.9 m / 29.2 ft

Intermodal Connectivity

Facility Use

  • Roll-on Roll-off

  • Break-Bulk

  • Project Cargo

Principal Commodities

  • Silica Sand

  • Salt

Technical Details

Roll-on Roll-off berthBarge berth
Length184 m / 603.7 ft122 m / 400.3 ft
Water Depth at chart datum8.9 m / 29.2 ft5.7 m / 18.7 ft
Ramp Width27.2 m / 89.2 ft35 m / 114.8 ft
Storage6 hectares / 14.8 acres3 hectares / 7.4 acres
Weight bearing capacity53 kpa / 1,100 lbs/ft253 kpa / 1,100 lbs/ft2
Additional InformationRamp designed for stern ramp, slewing ramp or quarter ramp vesselsCapacity for 30.4m X 121.9m (100ft X 400ft) barge
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